The New Age of Investments

I first started buying cryptocurrency a few months ago. Investing in crypto resulted from seeing my 401k retirement, managed by an independent third party, burning to the ground. I decided to do something different, and some would say radically different. I wanted more control. I wanted to be the person responsible for taking charge of my future. I wouldn’t consider myself special. I am a typical guy in his 30s with two kids, a wife, and a great job. I graduated with a degree in business. I have spent many years contributing to a 401k I didn’t fully understand. Like most people, I had two options. Invest based on my age or invest based on my ideal retirement date. I chose the former. Every payday, I elected to put in approximately 10% of my paycheck to my age-based 401k plan. Sadly, my years of investing in my retirement still couldn’t match my three months of investing in crypto.

Why was this? Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this article, please know that I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. I encourage everyone reading this to do their own research.

I view crypto as a solution to long-term problems or pain points. For example, I do not see a need for paying a title company to buy a house. A simple blockchain could be an effortless way to track a home purchase back to the origins. It’s relatively cheap to perform. A primary advantage is that it can be done entirely and effortlessly by two everyday individuals wanting to save more than a thousand dollars paying a title company. Crypto and blockchain present some significant use cases, from voting to standardizing medical care. Imagine never having to go to another doctor’s office again and explaining your family medical history, prescriptions, allergies, and prior surgeries. I see crypto as the solution for many of life’s pain points. Not only does it break the status quo of traditional finance, but it also empowers everyday people like you and me with the power to better our own lives.

My first experience with crypto was a result of Robinhood’s addition of Dogecoin to their platform. Sadly, it was also my first negative experience with crypto as well. I think Robinhood does an excellent job of bringing stocks and crypto to the markets; however, when it comes time to transfer your Dogecoin to a new wallet, it won’t allow you to do so. Robinhood enables the transfer of stocks but not crypto. The lack of ability to transfer my crypto from one platform to another led me to a search for cryptocurrencies that I could call my own. I wanted to exchange my crypto whenever and however I wanted to freely. After doing some research about crypto and platforms, I stumbled onto a Reddit post about HOGE. The post stated that HOGE was similar to DOGE but decentralized finance “DeFi.” At this time, less than 2,000 people were currently holding HOGE in a wallet. HOGE hadn’t yet joined a centralized exchange and was operating in Uniswap.

After reading their whitepaper, reviewing their website, and checking for flat wallet distribution, I jumped feet first into HOGE. Very quickly, my investment doubled, tripled, and more. Naturally, as my investment grew, so did the number of people asking for me to help them buy this extremely hard-to-purchase crypto. After about 30 of these meetings, I developed a video to help people purchase HOGE ( Shortly after, HOGE would go on to join its first-ever exchange, WhiteBIT. WhiteBIT is a smaller, European-based exchange that would forever impact my understanding of crypto and HOGE as a whole. I realized that when something becomes easier to buy, it gets pricier, at least in the finance world. There is a similarity listing IPO’s to that of cryptocurrencies being added to reputable exchanges. Fiat exposure and access have a dramatic and meaningful impact on price. HOGE has a goal to join a US Exchange in the second quarter of 2021. Joining a USA fiat exchange would allow users to exchange US currency directly for HOGE without going through a different crypto swap, like Uniswap, first.

At a certain point, though, when exchanges are maxed out, the one constant determination of growth is the project/product itself. I think this, for me, is what determines a short-term pump vs. a long-term investment. HOGE has now been in existence for approximately three and a half months. It was first created on February 7th, 2021, and quickly became the 2nd fastest growing crypto in Ethereum blockchain history, second only to Ethereum. HOGE has constantly hit every goal on the roadmap found on its website ( HOGE looks to be picking up steam as they have begun talking about their NFT’s (, a crowdfunding platform, and a crypto educational platform through HOGE University (, and others. HOGE has also recently doxed its core team ( to help its community better understand the leadership behind HOGE. I think the most telling thing of all is that in just the last 30 days, HOGE has become a legal entity and is transferring its decision-making to the community. This entity is operating in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) ( like system. That will enable the community to develop, maintain, and encourage growth by vertically aligning goals and priorities throughout the organization.

So, where does HOGE go from here?

I think it’s simple: wherever the community wants to take it.

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